Sustainable tech?


In a world of consumerism, overproduction and the unattractive mentality of ‘new is always better‘ – can sustainable laptops even be a thing? They sure can! Just look at that steel blue Lenovo laptop, chilling on my desk.

So how come this pretty little thing can be classed as a sustainable purchase? Because it once, for a very short period of time, belonged to someone else.

What happened was that someone bought this laptop, opened it up, used it for a little while and decided they didn’t like it, before simply sending it back to the manufacturer. Once back at Lenovo, the laptop wasn’t allowed to be resold as a new product – meaning that it was pretty darn useless to all those people who crave new and shiny things. However, the story doesn’t end there! Because that’s when the Aberdeen-based tech company Everest Technology swept in to save the day by doing something as simple and sustainable as buying the unwanted laptop from the manufacturer in order to clear it, reset it and then sell it to me for the bargain price of £250.

And if that’s not win-win, for both me and the environment I don’t know what is! Sustainability ftw.