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I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had grand plans when it comes to my future. When I was 18, my mind was set on London, Robert Pattinson (no joke) and journalism. It was never a question about if I would get there, it was always about when. Back then, I planned to be an awesome business woman by 25, a single mum when that day came and a kick-ass journalist working for National Geographic by the age of 30. I really had it all figured out, you see. The only problem was that it never happened.

So the years passed. I graduated from high school at 19. I moved to Norway at 20 and Cyprus at 21. I then moved back home to Sweden for a while, applied to a couple of Scottish universities, and moved to Aberdeen at 22.

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When I moved here, I did so to pursuit my life long dream of becoming a journalist. However, by studying journalism and therefore being told what to write and how to write it, I slowly started to resent something I’ve always loved. All of a sudden, writing had become a chore and I wasn’t even sure if I could be arsed finishing uni. But even though I’m pretty lazy (as some of you might already know), I’ve never been a quitter.

So here we are, a year and a bit after I graduated from RGU with a Journalism Degree (yay me!) – and I’ve slowly started to find the pleasure in writing again. And better yet, all those big dreams and grand plans I used to have as teen have slowly started to make their way back into my mind. However, they may not include marrying Robert Pattinson or moving to London – but I promise you, they’re still pretty sweet.

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A bottle of sparkling wine, sea salt and bergamot hand cream, the cutest ring holder ever made (a tiny, smiley, white cat with golden “v:s” all over its body), a massive bouquet of flowers, a bottle of Merlot and a card addressed to the future Mr and Mrs Beattie – I really do have the bestest of friends. Our “hey guys, we’re engaged!” Facebook status was such a like fest and I honestly can’t remember how many times I’ve been showing people the ring and telling them about how Kieran popped the question. Life as engaged is busier than I’d imagine, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Although, I’m well happy with my very relaxed weekend where I can sleep until 12pm and chill on the sofa with Kerstin at 9pm on a Saturday night.



June. What a month, guys. I honestly feel like a new person, going into July.  However, I can’t quite decide if the “new me” has to do with me being a year older (and wiser) or the 14k gold ring on my left ringfinger. Hey, maybe it’s a bit of both?

I’m now three years away from 30 and I’m actually engaged. How weird and ridiculously wonderful is that? Who would ever have thought that I, who used to have Dionne Warwick’s ‘I’ll never fall in love again’ as my ringtone for the longest of time, would actually live the life I’m living today? It’s so strange, but how I love it.

There’s something special with 2017, I can just feel it. And leaving June with a ring on my finger was like finishing a chapter to start a new. I’m filled of inspiration. I want to change my ways. I want to work harder (better, faster, stronger). It’s time to be a doer, not a talker – or in my case, thinker.  I’m so excited to see what the rest of 2017 has to offer.

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I’m so happy with my new nails and that I managed to pop by Foodstory on my way to work to buy this locally made juice from The Juicing Co. I’ve been so keen on trying their jucices ever since I heard about them through instagram – and let me tell you: I wasn’t disappointed! Mr Brightside is a raw, organic, cold pressed juice made of carrot, orange, lime and turmeric root. This drink was such a great lunch time pick me up and I really loved the taste. However, if you like sugary drinks and aren’t too keen on earthy flavours – then maybe you should give this one a pass.

Anyway. Gotta go. I’m off into town for beers and post-birthday dinner with friends. Can I hear a friyay?




I wouldn’t say that uni was the best experience of my life, but I’m pretty happy I stuck with it. Because if I’d quit, I never would have met my girl Megan. She’s one of those very rare friends that’ll always bring you fresh cut flowers when she visits (this time to celebrate my 27th birthday) and she’ll never turns down a G&T. I mean, how can you not love someone like that?

Thank you for the flowers, babe. And for watching shit telly with me at 9pm on a Thursday night. Thank you for the lovely birthday card (it almost made me cry).  You’re one of a kind, Ice Queen. Love you x



What do you do when yo’ man has left the country and the Scottish summer consists of nothing but rain?

1. You turn the heating right up.
2. You eat six hash browns for dinner – because a) cooking for one sucks and b) it was honestly the only edible thing you had in the house.
3. You’re couch potatoing it (i.en you spend your evening on the sofa, drinking tea while reading the latest issues of your favourite magazines).
4. You cuddle your cat (you always cuddle your cat).
5. You consider actually sleeping her tonight.



tube product copy

Believe you me, I do love a peel – but something I don’t appreciate is when companies are using questionable marketing tactics in order to hype up and sell their products.

However, when reading about the Luminous 3-Minute-Peel on Real Chemistry’s website, it surely sounds like we’ve found a winner:

‘The peel is a Protein Peel.”

It will remove large amounts of excess, dead epidermal cells in seconds.

As the synergistic blend of ingredients is gently massaged into the skin, solids form under the fingertips – these are a combination of the peel’s protein-binding ingredients and epidermal protein.

99.5% of consumers who tested the product and have experience with dermabrasion and acid peels, reported that the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel was as effective or more effective, but did not irritate the skin like other methods.

This protein peel leaves the skin velvety soft and resurfaced after just one use.

Unfortunately, we haven’t. And this product is slowly killing me, because (personally) it is so bad that I don’t know what to say. The peel doesn’t feel like a peel, it feels like a primer. The solids that form during the “gentle massage” will most likely get stuck in your facial hair and it’s a proper fight getting them out. Also, your skin won’t feel clean – because even though you’ve washed your face plenty of times, you’re still left with a weird velvety veil all over your face.